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What Torah Doesn’t Say

Sometimes it’s what Torah doesn’t say. Listen to Torah’s silence and she might reveal whole new worlds just waiting for you to hear them into being. With this week’s Parashat Terumah, Torah begins describing how Moses, Betzalel and their team will build the Mishkan. Chapter after detailed chapter, Torah specifies the metals, fabrics, dimensions, shapes, colors… Continue reading What Torah Doesn’t Say

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Building for Mobility: Spiritual Life on the Move

Part of a yearlong series on Torah’s wisdom about building and builders in Jewish spiritual life. So far, Builders Blog traced Torah’s first 18 portions, harvesting lessons about spiritual building from our spiritual ancestors’ lives and early journeys. Now in the 19th portion (Terumah) comes Torah’s building story par excellence, about building the Mishkan – the holy structure to… Continue reading Building for Mobility: Spiritual Life on the Move


Leave God Out Of Your Election Commentary

Roy Moore's first words after losing his U.S. Senate election in Alabama invoked Psalm 40 for God's control of the election.  At the same time, my liberal friends and colleagues – who for years lamented "Bible beating" in the public square – jubilantly called Doug Jones' election victory a "Chanukkah miracle" that "proves a loving God." As… Continue reading Leave God Out Of Your Election Commentary