Spiritual Direction

In addition to his rabbinic ordination, David holds a second ordination as mashpi’a (“spiritual director” / “spiritual companion”), and offers confidential spiritual direction relationships to individual seekers and to groups.
David’s experience as spiritual guide includes leadership roles as spirituality faculty to the Academy for Jewish Religion, and as spiritual direction faculty for ALEPH.  Weaving the rational and the mystical, David personalizes the spiritual journey to each soul’s unique calling, yearning and trajectory.
The Hebrew term for “spiritual direction” (hashpa’ah) hails from the word for “flow” (shefa). The hashpa’ah journey is about how the sacred (by whatever name or no name at all) flows in and through the whole of one’s life. Hashpa’ah uses a broad palette of spiritual tools and confidential sessions (typically one hour monthly, and sometimes more frequent during times of special meaning): together, we discern the nature of spiritual flow – what might channel it, what might narrow, redirect or block it, what these spiritual constraints might be, whether they serve a seeker’s highest good, and what might become ready to loosen, transform or clear.

For more about spiritual direction, the nonprofit Spiritual Directors International offers helpful resources, including this overview of the process and experience and what to look for in a spiritual director/companion.

To explore how David might support your spiritual journey, please email davidevanmarkus (at) gmail (dot) com to set up an initial conversation.