Judicial and policy

Update, April 4 2022: New blog post – “I’ve Seen the Promised Land.”

“…On that day nearly 55 years later, our Promised Land is yet ahead. Can we yet say that justice flows like a mighty stream? Can we yet claim with integrity to judge by the content of character? Has hate stopped piercing our days and nights? We still have a ways to go, many names to speak, and much yet to do…” Read the whole post here at my blog.

Personal news: After 20 years serving in and around our justice system… and on winning campaigns from presidential to local, and for social justice causes from global to local… after serving for years as North America’s only full-time presiding judicial officer simultaneously holding a rabbinic pulpit… it’s time for a change. I’m running for justice. (Read the whole announcement here.)

Here’s my secular resumé.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to another recent blog post: What Would Thurgood Do?

Update, March 2022: I’m delighted that the Westchester Bar Journal features my article reviewing judicial trends in applying New York’s sweeping rules reform. Read the article below.